Heavenly Abodes!


Heavenly Abodes!


“Collect things that you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your story!”

Every home tells a story, some are messy, some are spic and span, but there’s always a certain vibe behind every abode! As man has evolved and bettered himself with time, so has his brain, and ideas. Today, every person looks not just for comfort or aesthetics but also for the functionality of any product they put in their home.


Often we don’t find the perfect product we desire, either its super beautiful to look at, or totally inefficient in its functional aspect. But, we’re here to give you access to the most amazing products that would change your lifestyle for good.

A perfect home is a fine blend of compact storage, utility, and aesthetics, so today we get to you a product in each category, with a perfect composition!


There have been many such times you look at a particular sofa or chair and wish it could accommodate some storage, or you’d wish for a chest of drawers hoping you could sit on it with a cup of coffee. It’s difficult to combine two things without compromising on one’s key aspect but, at Trendia we bring to you exactly what’s difficult to find out there!

The Storage Ottoman is just the thing you’d want in a coffee room’s cosy corner! The Storage Ottoman features a contemporary design that's packed with utility, and will enhance the decor of any room while providing unsurpassed versatility.


It has a storage space inside it so that you can easily store anything into it just by lifting the cushioned seat at the top.  The Ottoman is made up of high quality material which provides added comfort to the person sitting on it, and is available in three super cute animal forms!


Super chic, warm undertones, and perfect for those lazy days! Rush to get this amazing piece of furniture at the craziest price. Where? Right here https://trendia.in/collections/home-garden-products-online/products/cute-animal-shaped-storage-ottoman-sofa



When it comes to utility, looks come secondary. Utility and good health, go hand in hand and it’s important for everyone to look after themselves no matter how engrossing work is. Not many realize, that continuous long hours of work, in a particular posture leads to damage in one’s posture. This further leads to various adverse health effects.

Fear not, you can work in bed at ease and comfort with the Ergonomic Multifunctional Table Stand. Absolutely perfect for all those late night workaholics, craving to work from bed, instead of the table!


The product is made of metal and designed with a plastic mouse platform so as to make it comfortable to use. It is very flexible and can be folded easily which makes it easy to use and highly portable. Turn your tiring work night into a comfortable one, grab the product right here https://trendia.in/products/multifunctional-ergonomic-flexible-laptop-stand?_pos=1&_sid=778d886f0&_ss=r


Wait up, there’s one more super important part of a perfect home.

Aesthetics is one of the most important aspects of a home, it adds the extra oomph to spaces, creating a desired vibe! The craziest trend that pops up every now and then is having an aquarium in some part of a house to give it a subtle, elegant look!

Gone are the days of huge, bulky aquariums.

‘Less is more!’a phrase we follow religiously today, homes have become spacious, airy, crisp and clean. The aesthetics have blended in as well, the Hanging Fish Tank is the best example of aesthetics with a twist.



With a water capacity of 230ml, the product is at peak with its multi functional aspects, perfect for fish, beautiful flora, and gorgeous hydroponic plants!


Coming to the obvious question, installing the product is super simple. Drill in a screw at a desired place, and hang it!  Yes, that is how easy it is, get one today! Right here https://trendia.in/products/wall-hanging-fish-tank-aquarium?_pos=1&_sid=1cc7ab661&_ss=r


These amazing products are just what you need to lighten your space up, grab them before they're gone! 

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