How To Clean Your Home And Surroundings Thoroughly

To contain the spread of COVID-19, we need to avoid going out, practise social distancing, and maintain utmost hygiene.
Other than washing our hands, we need to keep our homes and surroundings absolutely clean and sanitised to control spread of infections. You need your home to look good, all that investment in home decor not be ruined by a filthy sty!

Here's a pick of our top cleaning and hygiene products that cover everything from the kitchen to your gadgets to your car! A limited time FLAT 20% off on these items. Coupon code at the bottom.

1. No Hand-Contact Automatic Wringing Rotating Flat Floor Mop With Bucket

flat floor mop

This unique flat mop system with a rinse bucket eliminates the need to touch or handle the mop with your hand! It lets anyone easily mop the house by rinsing the mop into the bucket provided and squeezing water out, without the hand ever touching the mop! 


2. Multipurpose Soft Silicone Scrubbing Gloves

silicone scrubber gloves cleaning

Multipurpose cleaning gloves with multiple soft silicone bristles that clean to a shine! Can be used in multiple ways around the house including scrubbing the dishes, cleaning surfaces, washing the car, or even for holding hot containers.

3. Electric Expandable Spin Duster /Cobweb Catcher

feather dust cleaner

Dust mites and cobwebs are harmful for health as they trap bacteria and other harmful particles. Give your house a thorough clean with this power feather duster that will get into hard-to-reach places such as the AC, windows, wall hangings, fans, sofa crevices and more. It will also make cleaning odd-shaped objects such as plants, baskets, items at an angle, a breeze to clean.

4. Bike And Car Washing Foam Gun With Liquid Jar

bike and car washing foam gun


Give your car a complete foam bath yourself instead of taking it to an expensive car wash centre. Get rid of dust, dirt, buildup, stains and mud with this quick machine without harming the delicate paint of your car. You can use it with a standard garden hose or a pressure washer to get a high pressure. 

5.  Space-Saving Expandable Water Hose For Gardening, Car Wash

expandable garden hose water pipe

Give that terrace, balcony or veranda a thorough wash! A nylon-woven Garden hose that can collapse to 1/3rd of its size and makes for easy storage unlike the regular rubber hoses. Comes in lengths of 50 to 100 feet which allows you to take it from the water tap to a large area to get to your garden, terrace, or car.

6. A set of 3 power-scrubbing brush drill attachments

drill brushes

Powerful drill scrubber brush attachments allows you to scrub away heavy dirt and grime without using too much manual strength and running the risk of spraining your muscles or causing tiredness. Great for scrubbing floors, tiles, carpets, curtains etc.

7. 3-Pack Gadget Cleaning Slime

cleaning slime

A super quirky slime gel that cleans by sucking out dirt and disinfects the surfaces it sticks to.  It helps in cleaning up keyboards, phones, small crevices etc. Will make cleaning a lot of fun for kids too!

8.  Super Quick Lint and Pet Fur Remover Brush

lint remover brush

Remove unsightly lint or those tiny woolly balls all over your clothes, especially jackets, coats and sweaters with this handy lint remover.  A blessing for pet parents to help remove pet fur and hair from clothing, sofas, beds and more. 

9. Free Standing Sink Glass And Bottle Cleaner Brush

glass cleaning brush


Make cleaning bottles, glasses and mugs a breeze without having to rely on that flimsy bottle cleaner brush with this gadget. Simply prop it on the side of the sink or stick it at the back of it and turn around the bottle or mug around it till clean. Its dual-brushes will clean both the inside and outside of the mug!

10.  High-Pressure Jet Spray Hose Attachment

high pressure hose


Turn an ordinary garden hose into a powerful, high-pressure washer that will blow away years of buildup dirt, grime, dust, mud, rust and water stains and more. Great for washing cars, bikes, garden floor, staircases, walls and ceilings that have seen better days. 


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