Mini Reads! Travel Easy, Short and Sweet!
Welcome back shoppers! Today we’re going to keep our read super short and crisp. With so many of you requesting for a single product info, we bring to you 'Mini Reads', these reads are short, and to the point! If you think you like something by the title, dive right in, to know more about the product! Today, our read is about a super utility product!
Have you ever come across crazy times when you wanted to put in a lot of things together in one bag? But at the very same time did not want to carry a big bulky one? Well, it’s time for a new and improved bag with a lot of room of everything! The real question lingering is, what makes it different? Let’s get to it. Cross body bags have sky rocketed and made carrying load easier, so the difference in today’s product and any other bag is it is a super safe, hybrid of a tote and a cross body! The Pure Leather Cross Body is super unique and theft proof! YES, you read right! How? It has RFID blocking features that help in preventing hackers from accessing personal or confidential data on the RF chips in the contents of your purse (passport, credit cards, ID, etc.)
We completely caught you off guard, but there’s more! It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap that allows you to carry it conveniently.  The 3 front zipper pockets including a pocket with inner credit card slot, give you an amazingly large space to keep all your belongings with ease.
For all those wondering, yes the bag comes in stunning colors, a beautiful tan,a deep dark black, a super gorgeous purple and a neutral ivory!
Well, shoppers! We hope this read has given you a clear head and made shopping easier! Get this stunning bag at
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