Shed Those Extra Inches!
Before you right this off as 'It'd never going to work!', wait up! Let us tell you, this is going to do you good for sure. Have you been looking out to shed those extra kilos, and desperate to trim the 4-5 extra inches that make your oh-so-sexy dress a little tight? Well, we hope to help you get rid of your problem, don’t worry you’re not alone in this! This is not a huge long, story on how to lose weight, OH NO darling, we’re jumping straight to what you can and cannot do. TRY, before you quit.
As kids, didn’t we all hate those afternoon naps? Well, now we crave for good night’s rest. So, guys sleep well, at least 8 hours, your body needs it.
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Eat at regular intervals, every 2 hours. NOPE, not tacos and definitely not the leftover slice of pizza. Eat small but eat clean. Grab an assortment of 5-8 nuts any of your choice. Did you know, nuts actually fill your stomach? They’ve healthy fats, and eating 5-6 nuts actually fills you up, and you wouldn’t want to reach out to call dominos!
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Work out, yes! You’re never going to lose those extra inches, without working out. Don’t worry we don’t want you to spend 3 hours in the gym, sweating it out. Start small, walk for 30 minutes while talking to your BFF, or while you watch your netlfix! Those 30 minutes will just blow past you!
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AND the last one guys! Remain positive, know this in your bones, it is a gradual process and it will take time like every good thing! Invest yourself in this for good, and without crash diets, and compromises you will fit into a size smaller, and definitely feel accomplished.
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PS.You do not need to let go of your favourite food, you can still eat them but let’s call it a ‘CHEAT DAY’. If you’re strong headed, have a Cheat MEAL, and not a whole day!
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Get going guys, it’s time to better yourself!
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