Strong And Fit, But Not Muscular!
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Don't we just agree, fitness has become a part of all our lives? We try to make to little efforts and changes in our day to day life that help us to bring out changes over a period of time. We try to cut back on sugars, take the stairs instead of the elevator, maintain a clean low-carb/high protein diet, cut junk food out etc. It is super difficult to actually stay on these changes, and remain patient till changes appear. But, one particular way to accelerate this is to work out or stick to an activity that helps or adds to the process! There are many women out there, afraid to get on to a vigorous workout schedule, afraid that they would lose their super delicate, dainty figure and become super masculine.
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But NO! Ladies it’s time to break your bubble, there are specific work out regimes that help in maintaining a lean, yet perfect lady like figure and NOT build on the extra muscles!
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How? Well, let’s dive right into this!
Muscle strength is something to definitely work towards, as it helps in increasing metabolism, prevents un-explainable/questionable weight gain after a certain age, also helps maintain the muscle tone. But all this does NOT mean you will get muscular! So, let’s get that out of way. Remember, women do not produce testosterone and hence building muscles is less likely without the intake of supplements.
1.Push Yourself! Push yourself ladies. Try doing a little more than the previous day, whether it’s one set, one rep or even one step. Learn to grow. Remember, every monotonous routine stops showing results after a point. Do not stick to a usual number of reps, sets of work out regimes, try to jazz it up and add some level of difficulty.
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2.Train for strength, not muscles. Well, this is one of the most important aspects of building muscle. Strength Training regime includes lifting weights like dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells etc. It definitely adds to improvement of muscle strength. Note: These exercises will cause wear and tear in your muscles and will rebuild or replenish themselves over time.
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3.Ladies, it’s time to kick those doughnuts away! Incorporate a high protein diet for amazing results. Why high protein? Well, muscles are made of proteins. Chicken, fish, soy chunks, lentils, beans, nuts, and the humble egg are perfect foods to help build and repair the muscles. Tip: Make sure you keep yourself hydrated and consume atleast 2-3 litres of water per day.
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4.To achieve your goals, you need to give yourself ample amount of rest. Do not exert yourself to an extent of fainting or severe pains. Remember to sleep well, and allow your body enough time to relax, and rejuvenate from all the wear and there. Note: If you do not take enough rest/sleep you will experience health problems and will not be able to get back to working out or gym for a good 3-4 weeks.
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5.Surround yourself with positivity, and people who encourage you to grow and do well every day. Stay away from negativity and things that put you down, might lead to stress eating, consuming alcohol or anything that hampers your months of hard work. Tip: Try to write down affirmations and understand that it is a gradual process, and will not happen overnight.
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We hope this read has helped you to focus and take you on to a fitter, stronger and healthier path of life. Trust the process and remain on track, without getting impatient or disheartened! You will definitely see change coming through.
Ladies! It’s time to up your game, make heads turn and give yourself a 2.0 version. Good luck!
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