Healthy Kids, Happy Kids is a non profit charitable foundation with a vision to create a world full of happy, smiling children. The foundation was initiated by Dr. Satish Sikha in 2013, and follows strong principles to create awareness of being together with children that can lead to a better and healthy life.



Trendia believes in not just giving all our shoppers a delightful shopping experience with super unique products, but also in giving back! We at Trendia have come up with a movement that helps and inspires the growth of the next generation! Trendia joins hands with Healthy Kids, Happy Kids Foundation to create a change by helping the children in need.

We've taken up this noble initiative to create a world we all can be proud of. Through our initiative, every purchase made with Trendia will help give back to the little ones in need!



In today's world, every person looks for profits, self happiness, and self needs, not realizing that even with all that we've, many of us are still looking for more. We rely on the people around us for emotional support, be it for good or bad times. As much as this need for connection is ingrained in us, it also goes the other way.

Unfortunately, there are numerous souls that do not receive even the bare minimum amenities to make it through the day, including a proper meal.

It's time to create a change- to give back! The importance of giving back can’t be understated and that’s because the secret to living is giving!



Giving back doesn't necessarily mean you need to do something extravagant. Start small. Every purchase made with us will help a child, even the smallest product or even a huge shopping spree. The foundation endorses free food, healthcare, education and various programs to benefit the little ones in need. Join this noble cause with Trendia today!