'Angry Mama' Steam Microwave Stain Cleaner- Perfect Tool To The Perfect Kitchen


Kitchen is definitely a place that needs to scream 'Hygiene and Cleanliness'

How embarrassed would you be with appliances in dirt, or gunk? Yuck. Well Microwave is one appliance used on a daily basis in every household, and maintaining it is equally a task. With everyday usage, food stains, crumbs, splatters of your delicious food is left over, and cleaning it can be difficult.

But, we've got you covered. The 'Angry Mama' Steam Microwave Cleaner is exactly the solution to all this.

How do you work it?

Well, it is super simple. Just add vinegar and water, then microwave for 7 minutes. In no time, observe steam comes out of mama’s head and softens microwave stains for easier cleaning!  It is also dishwasher safe.

Steam cleans the crud from your microwave!

Amazing Angry Mama Microwave Stain Cleaner 

  • Uses steam to clean your stained or dirty microwave
  • Add vinegar and water and microwave for 7 minutes
  • Steam comes out of the head and helps soften the dirt
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Materials: BPA-free plastic
  • Product dimensions: 5.5”x4.3”
  • Random colors will be sent based on pack size and availability. 

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