There's no doubt about the fact, that we live in super busy yet pollution packet environment, and it is a no brainer that the environment effects our skin a lot. Today most of us face a super common problem, we do NOT have healthy clear skin, and the BLACKHEADS are the quickest and the most stubborn skin obstacles to go! 

But removing black heads is not an easy task if you don’t have the right tools. It's super easy to believe that, you've gotten rid of the stubborn black heads, but they're still there, microscopically. The only way you could see them is using a fine microscope or a beauty mirror.

But don't worry guys! We've got your back covered. The Super Effective Blackheads Removal Nose Strips provides you exactly the solution you'd need for flawless blackhead removal. These masks help to remove the black head completely off your nose. All you need is a minute and it will remove the black head right from the roots

Super simple to use! Wash your face using a soft cleanser! Pat dry, so there's no moisture left, and then just apply the patch on to your nose. As it gets dry peel off the patch and splash water to clean your face. Pat dry again!

BlackHeads WHO? Cause, all you'll have is super shiny, glowing flawless skin!

It further helps to achieve smooth and tender skin.


  • Painless Removal - Patch can be easily removed when it gets dry and it does not cause any pain as you peel it off!
  • Highly Effective - Very effective in removing blackheads and super safe for facial use.
  • Easy to use - All you need is a quick face wash, dry down and apply on face/desired area and VOILA! You GLOW girl!
  • Clears all patches - Clears all the black heads on your nose that cause your face to look dull and oily and help you achieve a radiant, glowing look.


  • Ingredients :  BAMBOO, VITAMIN C


  • 50 Strips Super Effective Blackhead Removal Nose Strips
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