'Heavy-Duty' Book Safe with Combination Lock

It is  super important in every room, whether you’re a teenager, an adult, or in your late 70’s. As time passes by, we intentionally or unintentionally collect or invest, into a few valuables like money, jewelry, important documents, or even sentimental love letters! We’d never want anyone to get their hands upon, right? Oh yeah, we don’t. The Heavy Duty Book Safe is exactly what every room needs to keep the coveted safe! 


As the world has progressed, so have thefts. Thieves have become smarter, and definitely uber cool, confident enough to break the most complicated safes! But you folks, needn’t worry the Book Safe is definitely perfectly safe to prevent such situations,  due to its unique design it looks like a normal book and can be easily adjusted in any bookshelf which makes it safe from theft.
This book safe easily blends with other books and also comes with a combination lock to lock your stuff. This is a perfect product for those who need to carry cash or valuables from one place to other. It can easily fit into any carry bag and can be taken along with you anywhere. The safe is made up of metal so that nobody can harm it which makes it very durable. 
Sounds like a crazy dreamy safe?


  • Unique Design - Has a very unique book shaped design which makes it super different from others so as to make it more reliable.
  • Blends with other books - Designed in such a manner that if kept with other books then it easily blends with other books.
  • Combination Lock - Has a combination lock system so hence, guaranteed safety. 
  • Easy to carry - Very light weighted and can be easily carried in any travel bag.


  • Materials: metal, cardboard
  • Dimensions: 9.4’’ x 6.3’’ x 2.2’’
  • Weight: 1.66lb


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