All Around Comfort 'Ostrich Pillow' - Sleep Anywhere Neck Cushion

Aren't there a few days we just want to catch some Z's? Unfortunately a few of us cannot of get even a little sleep, in environments that aren't comfy.

But what if we bring you the craziest solution? Yes you can sleep anywhere!

Nope! You can't take your cozy bed everywhere when you're traveling, but the All Around Comfort 'Ostrich Pillow' - Sleep Anywhere Neck Cushion will help you drift off to deep, comfort sleep wherever you are. Whether you're on a plane with a few hours available to get good sleep, or on a lunch break in desperate need of resting your eyes for a few minutes, this pillow encloses your entire head, giving you a sense of privacy and cushioning at every angle. 


  • Covers eyes so it acts as a soothing eye mask
  • Covers ears preventing the ambient sounds from getting into your head creating a more relaxing atmosphere
  • Made of flexible fabric and filled with micro balls, super comfortable.
  • Do NOT use during a fire or near water
  • Filling:  Foam
  • Material:  Polyester, Cotton
  • Feature: Anti-Apnea
  • Weight: 150-200g

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