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Having a sibling is probably the best feeling in the world. The fact that you’ve someone to fall back on, upon every mischief, share your good/bad thoughts with, go shopping with, or even as a workout buddy is everything!
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But did you know that there are a few things that might totally change your life, the way you perceive things, or even the way you behave! Confused? Well, let’s dive straight into the top 10 ways, and then maybe you’ll agree to our ideology!
  • MAKES YO APPRECIATIVE OF WHAT YOU’VE! YES, Having a sibling can actually help you appreciate everything you’ve got and more, it humbles you down and ensures your feet are on the ground!
  • LET’S YOU SEE YOUR PARENTS IN A WHOLE, DIFFERENT LIGHT! Confused? Well, every parent shows some signs of partiality towards their younger tots! Observe the next time, so if you’re the older one you know, all the rules are on your shoulders to follow!
  • IT MAKES YOU THINK ABOUT EVERYTHING YOU’VE DONE IN LIFE! This is one of the most common traits between siblings, every small favor becomes a long chapter of everything wrong you’ve done them!
  • IT TEACHES YOU TO CRACK/MAKE A DEAL. If you’re scratching your head thinking how is having a sibling going to help me crack my business deal, then you need to know, that from a tender age you begin to barter, trade and deal with your siblings so it’s super natural to you!
  • IT HELPS YOU TO APOLOGIZE BETTER! Well, there’s nothing worse than apologizing to your sibling whether you’ve done right or wrong, the smirk never leaves! Apology is basically behaving well we with another, are we right brothers?
  • ALLOWS YOU TO LEARN ABOUT FAMILY HISTORY AND ALL STORIES! There are numerous stories every older siblings tells the younger one to enjoy the feeling as he starts crying “NO, I’M NOT ADOPTED!” or “NOOO, I’M NOT FROM THE GARBAGE!” well, there’s a fun fact to all these, they open up a window of genuine stories later on!
  • IT DEFINITELY TEACHES YOU TO CARRY ON A CONVERSATION. Having a sibling means you learn to talk, fight, apologize and learn a huge spectrum of conversations! Makes it super easy to talk upon meeting new people!
  • THERE’S A SUPER STRONG STRENGTH YOU FEEL GUSHING THROUGH YOUR VEINS. It makes you tough, and ready for any kind of wear and tear, especially post those horrendous, violent fights!
  • SHOWS YOU THE RARE “LOVE HATE RELATIONSHIP”. The precious feeling when you feel like strangling them to death, and also feel like buying them a whole tropical island, is exactly what we’re talking about!
  • MAKES YOU A SUPER ANALYTICAL PERSON! There are major trust issues, but there aren’t any as well! Confusing right? Well well, we’ve thrown a picture right below to show how difficult is it to trust a sibling yet, you trust them blindly when you need them to be by your side!
PHEW! All the single kids, do not worry you’re pampered enough, love! There’s a lot that goes on between siblings and we’ve just given you our top 10 ways! Sound off below in the comments if you think of more ways! We’d love to hear you unique story, and dear shoppers! THE BIG BANG DIWALI SALE IS HERE, GET SHOPPING this FESTIVE SEASON!

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