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Every time we bring to you something different, unique, and value for money, but this time it’s not about how different it is, but it is about how technology has evolved and created something super innovative. Now, we understand how questions play on the human mind, and the first one generally is ‘now what’s new?’ Right we’re going to jump to one of our favorite techno miracles.


Gifting is an art, whether you’re super good at it, or the kind that gives just cash. It is an acquired talent and sometimes can be a definite pain. The product picked by us today is different and you will definitely have your jaw dropped. It is just right to say that it is a thoughtful gift. Cannot wait? Right let’s dive into it.

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The Projection Necklace is a unique way to express your love to your loved one! Why’s it different?

Well, the cheesiest moment for any girl is when the guy says ‘I love you’ but today, there are so many ways of saying it that it has ruined the emotion on the whole! This necklace is different for various reasons, the pendant says ‘I love you’ in a way you’ve never imagine. It projects ‘I love you’ in 100 different languages, and helps you express your love and affection for the other person!


How? Well, the title of the read is definitely going to make sense now, as we slip into an awestruck state with the amazing technology available today. The pendant projects ‘I love you’ against a dark background when you use a flash or a light on to it! What a mesmerizing view!

All you curious, tempted shoppers rush to get this amazing gift for any occasion, for the one you love. Where? Right here and right now! Happy Shopping!

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