The Wholesome World Of Mental Health!
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Before you write off this read as a super serious one, pause for a second and continue reading, this isn’t a serious read but it is something that might help many of the closeted ones!
Well, mental health isn’t only about psychology or depression it is something beyond everything we know or have read in books. In the world we live in today, stress, tension, quick strains on our brain leave us exhausted. Not physically, mentally! The feeling is only experienced and super difficult to explain, but it goes something like you’ll feel physically strong enough to do about 50 push ups, but mentally would blatantly conclude that an apple is purple in colour!
If that example wasn’t easy to understand, we’re going to break this down for you! Let’s dive straight into the causes and what little we could do!
“Be gentle and kind, everyone is at war!” – Atticus.
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Age isn’t something that is directly proportional to mental sickness, or health. Anyone, and literally anyone can face mental health problems! A child in school with studies, a teenager struggling with his/her gender identity, a young adult struggling with love, middle aged ones trying to make ends meet to run a family, even senior citizens hungry for their kids love. There’s a whole huge spectrum of issues that can run through different age groups but, guarantee the same intensity of damage to the brain.
You might consider these to be the most common and natural feelings one experiences, sadly these little problems carve a niche in your brain that effect your whole being, it could literally change your perception, turn you into a pessimist, change habits etc! The well being of one’s mental health is super important, and definitely deserves to be spoken about!
Well, saying all this many of you might think is there a solution? The solution is simple, clichéd but guarantees positive effects! ‘DO MORE OF WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY!’
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The following key points will ensure you get through this!
  1. Make your soul happy! Feed it the good things and you’ll see the difference, feed it the wrong things and you’ll turn out exactly what you didn’t want to be! By feed it we do not mean doughnuts (hello, krispy kreme!) we mean positivity, good affirmations, determination and definitely a super blatant confidence that ‘I can change that’, ‘I can do it’, ‘I’m worth it!’
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  1. Understand that it is okay to say ‘NO’ to everything that does not seem right to you, there’s no harm! The society comes with a sugar coated pass and a huge word on it “OBLIGATION”. NO. You do not need to oblige anybody by compromising on your happiness! Before you jump the gun, and call it selfish, allow us to explain! There’s a huge difference between being selfish and self care/self love! Selfishness brings you happiness by ruining something for someone, self care is only about you without any harm caused to anyone!
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  1. Come to terms with the fact that we live in a society that loves to talk, so you DO NOT need to care whether they’ll talk or no, cause eventually they will. So do what your soul feels is right. Strengthen your heart to face this, that the people you thought will never do it, will do it too! That’s how things work!
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  1. Learn to talk about the stuff that bothers you, like many quotes, this one is true too! ‘Talking helps reduce the pain’ If you aren’t a good ‘talker’, write it down, so one day when you overcome it, you’ll know exactly what you went through, and how far your soul, your being has traveled! Be proud of all your scars, they tell the story of those scary, horrible wars!
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  1. The life we’ve been blessed with comes with a huge array of colours, some are dark while some are super beautiful and bright, embrace both but do not hold on to the darker ones! Do everything you wish for in this life, so you’ll have no regrets! Take the class, do the skydiving, take the holiday, eat your favourite chocolate cake by yourself, get your dream car, kiss under the Eiffel Tower! Do it. “Now is the time for Guts and Guile!” – Elizabeth Taylor.
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  1. Remember to always be accountable and responsible for what you do! Never do the ‘pity party’. Make the mistakes but be ballsy enough to say “I’m doing it, I’ll bear the consequences!” So in that way, no one gets a free pass to criticize, (if you do not take criticism well) But, always have your own back and be proud of the decisions you make!
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7. All those going through body shaming, we’ve got your back! Know the fact that you could be too fat today, but super hot tomorrow and vice versa, your body is created in a way that it can take on any shape but with time! There is no point in crying over something that can be fixed! Everything that can be fixed, comes with hope, remember that!
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  1. Money - Oh lord, it causes issues, we get it! The struggle to meet ends, to lust over something super luxurious, the craving to travel, or even the drive to buy something for your super deserving parents! These come under the mental issues caused due to money! Understand that ‘NO ONE CAN TELL YOU WHAT YOU CAN DREAM AND WHAT YOU CAN’T” Every day brings a new hope, learn to move forward because you’re stepping closer to your dream vacation, your dream car, last installation of your house’s EMI! Money comes and goes, but time doesn’t darling! Many of us save, and many of us do not believing in saving, well neither are right/wrong! The people who save are the more organised ones, curating a safe nest for the future, the ones who do not believe in saving and spending it on what they love are the ones who live freely (well, we’ve one life, let’s make the most of it!) So learn to take each day as it comes! Your blood, sweat and tears, your money YOU choose what to do with it!
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  1. Love – Darling! Love is the thing you know? Yes we know, but all of you out there saying love gives only pain are wrong. Love gives everything the fairytale actually states, the painful part is when you lose that love! THAT is painful, not the love! All those struggling with love, trying to get it, or have it and trying to work it out, or lost their loved one, understand and let it sink in that love isn’t something you can force! If you’ve lost someone, cry your heart out, but darling get up and hustle the next day, DO NOT make your personal life a public property that allows anyone in to come, walk, talk and leave, your life is no gossip column, keep it safe! People talk and we know it but crying and letting them know you’re weak is not the way we want to go about it right? The ones trying to work it out, ensure you’re doing everything within you to get what you want. Only you can know and judge what your capacity is nobody else! So till you feel you’re dead over ten times, know that you can still try one more time! The ones trying to find it, darling! There’s plenty of love out there, the world is like a jigsaw puzzle, there are pieces just find the one that fits you and ensure you do the right things to keep them safe!
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  1. Last but not the least, ensure you’re not dependent on anybody, and here we do not mean “financially” (but that’s there too!) we mean, emotionally, mentally! Be self sufficient to enjoy your own company. Read a book, light some candles, cook a meal, dance away, play a sport, but just know that being self sufficient and in your own goddamn world means someone who enters your world whether as a friend, or a partner needs to give you a better space than the one you’re already in! So create something for yourself that promotes being alone is not weak/being a loner, being single doesn’t mean you’re free and easy to hit on (yes girls, we get you), BUT means that you’re capable of doing it and they need to bring something more to the table than what’s “BASIC”.
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Phew, quite a long read? Well, gear up it’s time to beast! Do not settle for anything lesser than what makes you smile eye to eye, because that’s the only thing that matters!
“Know your worth, then add tax!”

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