Different Ways to Use a High Pressure Water Jet Spray Hose Attachment

If you are looking into purchasing a high pressure water jet spray hose attachment, you are likely tired of lugging out a heavy bulky pressure cleaner. Or perhaps you don’t like  hearing the noise or smelling the unpleasant odors that can emanate from the machine.

How They Work

Jet spray hose attachments are the perfect solution because it turns your ordinary garden hose into a super power washer. These tools are typically a small fraction of the price  of heavy duty pressure cleaner. While it might not be able to clean exactly the same as a heavy duty cleaner, the high pressure that naturally gets built up in the spray hose attachment can accomplish a lot of cleaning.

These small hose attachments are powerful  enough to clean second-story windows. You can remove wasp nests from a safe distance and protect your family from painful stings.

The stainless steel control valve easily regulates the water pressure and forces a  stream of water out at several times its normal rate.

This  economical solution is adequate for those tough outdoor jobs. It can blast grime and weeds off brick and paved driveways. Need to get into hard to reach places? You can get all those hard to clean nooks and crannies, such as aluminum siding umbrellas and awnings.

This will attach to any garden hose so you can take it along boating and camping as well. You can also use this tool as a sweeping water broom for wood decks, docks patios and pool decks easily.  Clean out your pool filters, scour away mold,  wash cars and trucks and scrub that dirty truck bed clean.

Once you get one of these, you will likely find it unnecessary to use heavy duty heavy duty pressure cleaners in most cases.

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