Dirty Make Up Brushes? How to Get Your Makeup Brushes Clean

Want to renew the life of your used, dirty brushes?

Before you run off to purchase some new brushes, give these tips a try and they will be good as new.

Get a glass jar and get a hot cup of water. Add a tablespoon of de-greasing dish soap, and a tablespoon of distilled vinegar into the jar.

Add the hot water in the jar and mix it around.

Place the brushes in the jar.

Let the brushes sit in the solution for about 20 minutes.

Next, grab the brushes and hold them under running water, alternating between hot and cold water.

Lay the brushes on a towel to allow them to dry. For bigger brushes with lots of bristles, you can take a small comb and comb through the bristles to dislodge any debris. After combing, run the brushes under hot and cold water all over again to make sure all that gunk gets out. Don’t stop running the water over the brushes until the water runs clear. Once that happens, turn the water off. Gently squeeze the bristles to get the excess water out and just lay it flat onto the towel.

Let them dry overnight.

Once they are dry, they will look as great as the day you purchased them.

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