How to Make Ice with Icegloo

Trying to figure out how to use the Icegloo? It may not look like your average ice maker, but trust us, it's extremely easy.

In the quick video below, you can watch a 30 second demonstration that illustrates how it works.

The igloo is a cylinder shaped silicone container. Inside of the container, you will find a clear cup that slides in and out. The igloo as comes with a cap to cover it. 

The blue silicone chamber has circular groves that you can see from the outside. That outer chamber with the grooves freezes the ice while the clear cup holds the ice. 

How To Use:

1. Remove the cap off the top of the container, and leave the clear cup inside. 

2. Pour water into the outer chamber of the icegloo and allow it to freeze. 

3. Remove the icegloo from the freezer, take out the clear cup and squeeze the icegloo to pop the ice out of the mold. Pour the ice into the clear cup. 

**If you don't want ice, but want a cold drink, don't empty the ice into the cup. Simply place the drink in the clear cup while it's still inside the silicone chamber. 


Keep in mind,  the silicone container can only make 40 ice cubes at a time. The clear cup container that is kept inside the blue silicone chamber can hold up to 120 of these cubes at a time, so you can freeze ice, and  save the ice in container.

The igloo is a great product for every house, because it's small, and freezes ice very quickly. 

This item takes up much less space than traditional ice trays, plus it is truly fun to use.

You can order your designer icegloo here

IceglooMaking ice

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