How to Remove Blackheads Using a Blemish Extractor Tool Kit

When it comes to our face and beauty routines, blackheads are an annoying eruption and interruption to beautiful, flawless skin. Using blemish extractor tools like extractors is an amazingly simple and quick solution for removing blockages.In fact, you have probably had these tools used on you if you’ve ever gotten a professional facial. Well, isn’t it time to conquer blackheads and acne like the professionals? If you are ready to attack the gunk in your pores and be blemish free, here’s how to use these blackhead hunters the correct way.

Extractors (Tools with the Metal Loop)

Tools with this little loop on the end are great, because they can get into the sides of the nose with precision. (Get the Blackhead Removal Kit above here)

This is much better than squeezing your nose until it hurts or turns bright red. These tools are less damaging and place less pressure on your skin so you don’t end up with a scar or some other horrid mistake.

**This video demonstrates how to use an extractor**

Using A Blackhead Extractor

*Be gentle, not heavy handed*

1.Wash your face and rinse well with warm water. It can also be helpful to place a warm cloth over your face for a minute or so to open up your pores.  

2. Lay the loop from the extractor over a blackhead.

3. Gently press down on the left or right side of the blackhead then move the tool across the top of the blackhead while you’re still applying gentle pressure.

This motion pushes the dead skin cells, sebum and other blockage out.  Repeat this motion on each blackhead that you would like to remove from your face. For your nose, you will do a similar motion, but you have adjust the angle.

When you are trying to get blockages and blackheads from the side of your nose, use the edge of the loop to scrape across the blockage. This will help you ease out the debris.

4. Once you’re finished, cleanse your skin again. Then apply toner and moisturize your face, preferably with a cooling moisturizer to relieve any irritation. If you find that you’re face is very irritated, aloe vera gel will help you soothe it.

5. Always wash the extractor when you’re done to prevent the growth of yucky, dangerous bacteria on your tool.  Wash the extractor tool in hot soapy water then allow it to air dry or wipe it with alcohol for additional disinfection.

You may find that you get an odd satisfaction from using this tool, and once you see how much better your skin is doing, you’ll never be without it again.

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