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Oh my god! We’re so thrilled with your response, here’s a big shout out to all those loving all our products! Thanks a bunch, as y’all know we never stop. So, today we bring to you top handpicked ‘must haves’ in your dressing room or your cute vanity! This read is not just for you ladies, but also for the men out there, as these products are super useful for everyone trying to look sharp every dull morning!
How many of you have been struggling through each day, just to shed those extra kilos? We’re always at war with ourselves, trying to starve or minimize the consumption of sugars or fatty foods, trying to stick to a strict workout regime. But, all is of no use if there’s no constant check on our daily progress. How’s this possible? Yea, good question. Weighing scale? True, but not just any weighing scale.
We at Trendia, have always maintained our USP, and today, we bring to you the Body Fat and Weighing Scale, a product so fine that it’s the only thing you’d need to check on your progress, on your weight loss journey. It can take up to 150kg or 1330 lbs, made of a 6mm tempered safety glass platform is sleek yet sturdy for your chic dressing room.
All those curious ones, find the extra details right here and add to your cart immediately, your strongest step into your weight loss journey will be delivered at your doorstep!
The most important product required in any vanity, or any dressing table is a gorgeous mirror. We aren’t unaware of the fact that all of you already have one, but we bring to you the Fold Able Vanity Mirror with LED Lights! So what is so cool about this compared to any old mirror? Well, we’re getting to it.
As mentioned earlier, all the picked products today are equally useful to men as they’re to women. The product is crafted with a lot of user considerations in mind, it helps illuminate your face making it perfect for correcting errors and doing makeup even in the dark or low lighting situations.
It is super useful for all those men, wanting an up close mirror for their beard styling, or shaving. The mirror is fold able and easily slides in a purse, cosmetic pouch or pocket. A definite must have for your cosmetic bag! What's more when not being used as a mirror, it can just be kept in a corner and used as a low lighting lamp or room decor.
So all you guys and girls, before you pick up your brush to do your makeup, to tweeze or shave get your LED Mirror right here and hit the road to perfection.
The next product on our list is so crucial of all you people. It is one of the most important things that needs to be on your dresser, or in your vanity! We live in cities with tremendous pollution, dirt and drastic weathers. All of these directly lead to damage to our skin, makes it oily, dull and also accumulated dirt causes acne, pimples and the stubborn blackheads! We’ve a solution today for oily or dry skin, dull skin, even for acne and pimples, but blackheads are super microscopic and require a trip to the salon for a pricey facial to get rid of them. Well, not anymore!
The Blackhead Remover Tool Kit is the perfect product for all those, who want clear and healthy skin at home, at their own leisure and definitely not as pricey! It comprises of 5 tools that are professionally inspired and helps squeeze out blackheads, whiteheads, acne, pimples, fat granules and various blemishes without damaging the skin.
It guarantees you a perfect complexion with a super healthy glow. So no more hiding behind makeup, or your beards, flaunt your supple skin using this ultra chic kit. Get yours today, before we run out of them soon! Where? Right here
So guys! Yet again, we hope that today’s read has served your vanity a few gems, They’re super amazing products with perfect results, we’ve videos to guide you to use these, do not hesitate to reach out to us! Happy Shopping!   
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