The Gentleman's Guide!
This one is for all the men out there! We completely understand how dearly y’all love your gadgets, your wheels, basically everything that’s futuristic! Yet, we also understand how important it is for all you men out there to maintain a certain kind of look! We at Trendia not only keep up with the trends, but also bring to all you shoppers the best products, at the most astounding prices! This season, we pick out the top three products for men, who love their beards, their stubborn streak for a fit physique and the ones holding a strong confidence! So dear men, gear up, for the best is yet to come!
There are a few women who love men with a good beard, nicely groomed, perfect. Whereas, there are a few men who love to have their street smart beard along their perfect jaw line! While women do their nails, hair, face etc, men are more focused on their face.
In the past few years facial hair has morphed from money-saving ruse  into the ultimate style accessory – and one that’s not just an adjunct to your overall look but an expression of the inner you, too. Cheap, versatile and adaptable, facial hair can change the shape of a man's face and completely alter how he looks in jeans and a T-shirt or a suit. A few whiskers here and there can make a baby face look older, draw attention away from a thinning thatch and hide a multitude of sins (or chins). In short, it allows a man to be the ultimate chameleon.
The first product on our list this season, is going to be the game changer for all you men out there spending crazy amounts in the salon, when with this one product you’d master the art of the perfect beard at home! I’m sure you’re hitting curiosity! Well, it is the 8 In 1 Beard Shaping Tool! Yes, you read right!
It’s the perfect tool to shape your beard the way you’d desire.  It is a one of its kind product that ensures smooth edges to your beard, also maintains the volume by making it super even.
The unique design makes it very easy to shape your beard without any hassle and keeps your beard clean and healthy. There’s a lot more you could do with this tool, want to find out? Click right here and we guarantee you, it’s a must buy!
Damn boy you look so fine! Well, we all know face is a part of good looks, but it is surely incomplete without a decent if not perfect physique. At one point of our life, we’ve all struggled to get the perfect bod, I guess we could agree on that! We bring to you something amazing this season, it is the Wireless Muscle Stimulator! There are a lot of people out there who try all day, every day to shed of those extra kilos, but fail due to no time for workout, irregular or bad eating habits or just plain simple laziness! This product is going to definitely cause a huge revolution in all those struggling lives.
This body stimulator can be used for muscle training and body slimming. You can use it to tone your body and achieve a perfectly shaped body. It can also be used to tighten the loose muscles of your body so that your body can look good naturally.
In 2 months of its use, positive effects on your body can be seen! Yes, we can absolutely agree, it sounds too good to be true, but there’s only one way to find out! Click right here and grab the stimulator for the body of your dreams.
If your mind is blown already, we’d ask you to continue your read, as there’s one very important yet new product for you men. Women have a certain idea of their perfect body, whether it’s an hour glass, or a V shape, or an inverted V shape. But men, look for the quintessential V body, the big shoulders and a slim waist for their cool low waist trousers or jeans.
There are a lot of ways to achieve these looks, without hitting the gym, and one such alternative is our third product. We’ve seen these on women, a lot of times, celebrities endorse them to a large extent (Yeah, Kim K it’s you girl!) and now there’s one for men too! Have you guessed it? Oh yea, it is the Men’s Body Shaper!
You’re in the right place. We made this physique-improving, game-changing, seamless undershirt with cooling features and compression zones that transform the torso and chest. You'll look sharper, stand taller and feel stronger in your clothes. 
Made of Nylon and Spandex, it is an engineered combination, ensures comfort as well as a figure shaping, further, nobody will realize you are wearing one! Get one asap, you guys! Where? Right here
It’s definitely your time to shine, guys! Also, it’s time to make those women super weak n their knees. Happy Shopping!
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