Weekend Baking!
In today’s fast moving world, it’s super difficult to find or spend quality time with your loved ones, especially your tiny tots! A trend running through generations with a zero fail record has definitely been cooking and baking with little ones. It is the perfect way to spend quality time in a super fun way!
Weekend baking plans are never easy to carry out, but with a fun filled menu, it surely keeps the tiny ones on their toes. Sweet treats are super fun to bake and always create frenzy in everyone not just kids, but us adults too! Cakes, cookies, muffins, doughnuts all together are easy to bake, and definitely fun to eat! How easy is it to bake something stunning with your little one? Well, before the weekend hits, make sure to shop our top products for a fun filled time!
Cupcakes and muffins bring joy and a sense of togetherness as the amazing smell of baked goods travels around the house! A gorgeous stunning box of colourful cupcakes and muffins is bound to put a huge smile on your loved one’s face. So when we think of baking some muffins or cupcakes, what is the first thing we’d need? Flour, chocolate, butter? No, it’s the super essential, Baking Tray!
Almost every baking tray is made of a stern tin/metal, which requires heavy prepping before pouring the batter in, and is super difficult to get your bake goods out if not prepped properly! But, we bring to you the 12 Cup Silicone Muffin or Cupcake Baking Tray.
The Silicon Baking Tray is super easy to use, and gets the baked goods out with ease, without causing it to crumble. The tray is flexible and can be used in an oven or a microwave. It’s not just useful for delicious muffins and cupcakes, but also for mini omelettes! Damn, could you’ve ever thought? Rush to get your trays today at https://trendia.in/collections/home-garden-products-online/products/12-cup-silicone-muffin-cupcake-baking-tray
A lot of us hold a sweet tooth, and scrumptious doughnuts go straight up the list! Sugar coated, glazed, filled or with delicious toppings, doughnuts are a favorite! They’re easy to make with your little one, in different shapes not just a ring, helping your child to understand and learn shapes better!  We bring to you the ultimate Doughnut Maker, super easy to use.
This doughnut dispenser helps you make doughnuts like a pro! It also helps in preventing oil spills and drips, thereby keeping your hands safe. How to use? Of course, we’re getting to it. Just pour the doughnut batter into the doughnut maker, and press the lever to release uniform amount of batter quickly, and neatly into the hot oil, and let them fry! Once they turn golden brown, add your choice of topping, or glaze and enjoy!
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It’s that simple. Still cannot believe it? Get one right here https://trendia.in/collections/whats-new/products/donut-maker-dispenser and bake away!
The last on our list, this read is something crucial. Cooking and baking definitely causes a lot of mess, not just in your kitchen, but also on your clothes, especially when you’re trying to have fun with your little munchkin, batter and frosting is bound to be on  your clothes, face and hands. As much as we’d like to have fun, our subconscious pulls us to check on our clothes. We don’t want to mess them up, and a few stains do not go even with the strongest detergents! So, the next product we bring to you is the Superhero Apron.
YES, stay clean and cool while you bake those delicious goodies with your little one! The aprons come emblazoned with the costume-clad torsos of Batman, Superman, or Captain America, each of which positively ripples with tight, sculpted abs and thighs, PERFECT to keep your child entertained as you swiftly move around the kitchen!
Get these quirky aprons today, before they’re gone at https://trendia.in/collections/whats-new/products/superhero-apron
Ladies and all the cool fathers! We hope this read will lead you to an amazing weekend full of sweet treats, and quality time with your loved ones!
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