Lighting Up!
However gorgeous and stunning we make our homes, the vibe we desire is only achieved through the perfect lighting! Whether it’s a cool toned white, or a warm toned yellow, this read is going to be the perfect guide for all those seeking something cool, quirky, and unique for a certain space in your room or your house. We carefully picked a few products for all our shoppers, to save time and also give y’all a peak into exclusive pieces.
Everyone today, whether you’re an adult, a child, a teenager or even an infant is attracted and into good lamps in the room. A good lamp is a staple for any bedside or a table as it gives the required amount of light, in the desired hue or mood.
As the rains approach, the weather gets dark and gloomy, a perfectly lit room is such bliss along the sound of the raindrops hitting the ground. The first crazy product on our list is the Touch Sensitive Realistic Moon Lamp
The product is beautifully crafted to replicate a moon and is perfectly equipped with a warm and a cool tone light, aggravated by simply a touch.  The lamp is just apt for bedsides, and bookshelves.
Have you want to grab the gorgeous moon, well now you can. Shop the crazy Moon Lamp at a jaw dropping price right here
We’ve always pushed ourselves to curate and bring to you the best products, and the next one on our list is super stunning, and special. The Gold Plated LED Rose Lamp In A Glass Dome! YES! As beautiful as it sounds, it looks drop dead gorgeous, and super elegant for those cute corners in your room that require a touch of daintiness.
The lamp oozes the old world vintage charm, as the LED lights creep around the 24k gold foil plated flower. The product is perfect for soft, romantic atmospheres, so don’t wait guys, click right here  to get one and surprise your partner today!
Okay guys, we’re not done yet. Do not think we’ve forgotten all the crazy quirky peeps out there looking for some oomph to jazz their space up! Well, this isn’t exactly for bedside or bookshelves, but it can be used for all the parties you’d throw in your garden! The 100 Pieces Glow In The Dark Pebbles is the pizzazz your parties need.
The product is also ideal for waterscapes, landscape decoration, potted plants, lighting a pathway or driveway, gardens, crafts, aquariums, etc. No wires or batteries needed, these packs of non-toxic pebbles are  solar-powered, and soak up visible light for 10 to 30 minutes and can continue to shine for 8 to 12 hours 
These baubles glow up to 12 hours every night! Simply expose stones to source of light to recharge! We get it, sounds amazing!
So all those trying to light up dull spaces, this read is for you! If these crazy products aren't in your cart, then you'd better hurry! Happy Shopping!
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