Our "FAV" Products This Season!
Aren’t a few of us just on the more playful side? Well well well, grab you red bull and let’s take you around those amazing products. Being playful does not mean the products are dead weight, they’re definitely useful products, which perform well and become a part of one’s day to day life.
So what are playful, quirky products, they’re just not dead weight products in fact, are totally worthy of being the perfectly balanced product of utility and aesthetics, but at the same time, super different compared to normal products! Is your brain buzzing? Allow us to take you through these products, and your buzzing brain will definitely be at easy by the end of the read.
Today’s first product on the list of ‘Favs’ is something we heard of a very long time ago. It boomed, and peaked in the market and everyone wanted one, but as time passed by the craze died. Well, we’re here to revamp the concept and turn it into a stunning, sleek version. It is the Wall Phone and Accessory Holder! YES! Guys, it was exactly what we wanted to hold our phone in cars, or even at home. But, there’s something different about this one. It’s beautifully white, clean and it is to hold your phone as you leave it on charge.
There are so many of us, desperately trying to look for a table low enough, or high enough to place our phone as we charge (Apple, we love you! But honey we need longer charging chords!) This product comes with a super strong adhesive on the back that allows it to stick well to any surface like ceramic tiles, lime walls, wallpapered walls, wood glass metal etc!
Not just phones, but this amazing product could be used to hold various other things like glasses, a couple of pens, tiny-handy essentials! Get yours today, at a surprising price right here https://trendia.in/collections/home-garden-products-online/products/smartphone-charging-sleek-wall-holder
Messy rooms are a pain not just to clean, but also cause one to instantly dislike a room with a single visual glance. But if you think, this is worse hang on! Messy wardrobes steal the cake guys, imagine looking for your favourite outfit when you’re already running late? Disaster! But what if you can organize your wardrobe easily every time you put your clothes in and that too by saving your time? Sounds impossible? Well it’s not. The Garments and Documents Stacker/Organiser will help you do exactly that! It can help you easily manage 10 t-shirts or any other garments in one place while saving you a lot of time, to do all the other important work.
It has interlocking dividers that helps to stack your clothes neatly. You can now easily pull any shirt without disturbing the others. It can also be used as a document holder or an invoice organizer. Just put the documents in and pull any document out as per your use.
It acts as a great luggage organizer for trips. DO NOT WAIT, guys! With a super crazy price, the utility value sky rockets! Grab yours here https://trendia.in/collections/home-garden-products-online/products/10-pc-garments-documents-stacker-organizer
The next one is for our little shoppers! A lot of you have difficulties in checking on to your child during their play time. As we try to recollect our childhood, we remember how messy we’d get during our playtime. Most growing kids love to play with mud, build castles, make or create anything to their desires content. But, did you know, stopping a child while playing can hinder their growth. There’s a solution for everything, they say. We’ve one for this as well, the Magnetic Mud product is one for all those kids loving to play with mud.
The unique product lets your child play with the mud like dough without causing any harm or irritation to him. It opens the doors of mind of your child to the unlimited world of imagination and help in the brain development of child as the child will learn about various shapes while playing with it. The magnetic mud gets attracted by the magnet which let the child to learn about the phenomena of magnetic force while playing.
It also has a bouncing property when molded into a shape of ball. It is also helpful in relieving stress. It is made up of no sticky and non toxic material which is safe for children. So, it is just apt for those parents looking for safety yet learning for their tiny ones. Grab this crazy product today right here https://trendia.in/collections/home-garden-products-online/products/magnetic-mud-playing-kit
Shoppers! It’s time to shop away to your heart’s content, we’re bringing a huge restock and also something exciting is on the way this festive season. Hope this read has helped you find something with a little bit of quirk. Happy Shopping!

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