LIT Evenings!
Greetings shoppers!
It’s been super long since a “Mini” read! The time has come to experience something new, elegant and supremely stunning!
This read is dedicated to all those home decor enthusiasts, the ones who love beautiful, statement pieces by itself, put in a lot of effort/thought process in doing up a certain space etc!
Did you know every space has a vibe of its own depending on what is put into it? Well, now it’s time to bring home something unique to add some extra pizzazz to a dull space.
The aesthetic of one’s home/space depends on minute details, the details that weave a story for all those who walk into your beautiful home. Every house comes with one such dead corner/space that we’re all desperately trying to refurbish/lighten up! We bring you a super chic, elegant solution! The “Flip Me Through” Book Lamp is a perfect combination of elegance and utility, helps light up a super dull space turning it into a warm lit environment.
The amazing lamp is the all you’ll need to add a warm, cozy vibe! Made of craft paper and maple wood, the lamp creates an amazing warm vibe perfect for hot coffees and delicious fudgy cookies!
Shoppers do not wait to get this stunning piece today, right here for a mind boggling price!  

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