Protect Your Kids With GPS Tracker SmartWatch

Protect Your Kids With GPS Tracker SmartWatch

ย In a world where you can use satellites to find just about anything, it was perhaps only a matter of time before GPS tracking included your own children.

Trendia's GPS Kid Tracker SmartWatch is doing just that!

The device works by pairing to parents' smartphones, where they receive real time alerts about their child's location and communicate instantly.ย 

Another interesting feature? You can listen in to what's happening around your children. The watch comes with a high sensitivity mic, so you hear what's happening remotely.ย 

You can set up trusted zones and geo-ranges so if your child wanders off, you know right away.ย 

Using Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth technology, there is no distance limits whether you're tracking your kids across the street or across the world. The compact watch also storesย  fitness information, tracking up to 3 months of steps data.ย 

GPS Kid Tracker Smart Wristwatch Q 60


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