Self Care, NOT Selfish.



Welcome back, shoppers! This is a fair warning to all of you, there are a lot of new, super cool products hitting Trendia and they’re definitely going to create a huge swirl for all of you! The upcoming products are something to watch out for, they’re unlike any others, super useful and definitely pocket friendly. We cannot contain our excitement, but I’m sure it’s going to be worth all the wait. Well, today’s read is all about taking care! Standing by the title, we completely agree that self care is not being selfish at all. There are a few days we get those looks ‘Like really, are you doing this? Don’t worry, it’s time you tell all those who look at you, that yes it is self love and not being selfish or narcissistic.

With the curiosity building up, let’s dive right into the products we bring to you today! Let’s get one thing out of our way before we get speculations, these products are NOT essentials, these are the products that do good to you, and are an option for all of you to buy, for your own sake!


Right, the first product on our list today is something not just women, but men know too! We all live a busy life, travel everyday to get to work or get back home from work. While we do this, our skin exposed to the pollution around causing skin damage. Every skin tragedy has a solution in today’s date except blackheads. NO, we do not mean it’s something that never had a solution, we mean that blackheads aren’t easy to get rid of, a trip to a salon is a must. Not anymore, why? Well the Black Head Removal Nose Strips are the best to remove these stubborn blackheads. Now a simple question might hit your head, with the market overflowing with so many blackhead removal strips what makes this different?

This product, unlike others comes with 50 strips, yes you read right! Unlike the ones available in the market that over a max of 10, we offer 50 strips! Enriched with bamboo extracts and vitamin C these strips do not strip your face off moisture, but hydrate your skin while removing the blackheads, balance your oil, and also deep cleanse.

Super easy to use, all you need to do is apply the strip on a damp face and wait up, and within no time voila! You get smooth, clean skin with minimized pores! 


Shoppers, rush to get these today for a complete airbrushed look, right here


Moving on to the next product, it definitely goes hand-in-hand with the first product, and is one of a kind.  After a gruelling skincare routine, a soothing face wash is a must. The Silicone Facial Cleaning Brush is new on the market, and exclusively available with us! Now before you scratch your head trying to understand what this does, allow us to explain! This brush is made of high grade silicone and is super safe to use!

It is perfect for all those aiming for clean, clear skin but because of no time just splash some water and head out for work! It clears all dirt, oil, remains of your makeup (damn, that’s tough), minimizes those crease lines (hello anti ageing) and exfoliates your skin to the fullest! Phew, are we done? Not yet, this product not just does all this, but also is a massager!


Yes, one side is used to clean while the other side soothes your skin by massaging it. It is easy to use, and rechargeable. Don’t you’ve an itch? To just get this, well now you can with just a click right here Get glowing shoppers, invest a little in yourself, it’ll take you a long way!


The third and last product is definitely unique, and probably not many of y’all have heard of it let alone shop for it. Muscles soreness and those excruciating pains have always troubled most of us. We rush to a spa or ask our kids to walk on our backs? But do we get the relief we desire? Not really, but now, the Copper Infused Socks are going to guarantee you relief. Sounds bizarre, we know.

These socks relieve you of your pain by creating certain amount of compression on your leg. These also act like a wall, bacteria or fungi defendant (we got you, sweaty feet), help blood flow, and most importantly help in speedy recovery in case you suffer from any muscle injury!

Perfect for those sport enthusiasts and aged citizens suffering from severe leg pains. Get these socks, oh wait not just one! You get 5 pairs in one set, right here at a mind blowing price! Shop away!


Well well, shoppers! These products are genius, and guarantee you the results promised. Don’t wait up, they’re selling out! We hope we’ve made shopping a little easier for you, stay tuned we’re coming up with stunning, festive surprises! Happy Shopping!

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