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We’ve had many reads on how to better your kitchen, kitchen essentials, etc but I guess it’s time we bring out the super cool kitchen tools that we’ve been swooning for! Well, we at Trendia always promise the best quality, and worthy price point for products! Today’s read is going to take you around the super different products available exclusively with us! Yes, you guessed it right today’s read is about kitchen tools that we’ve never spoken about. They’re certainly not essentials, but they’re definitely not to be missed out on either.
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Let’s jump straight into today’s top three picks! The first and craziest product today is something we all know, used throughout school, and maybe even today (if lucky) at work! It’s the time we look forward to between school hours, and even work hours today! Yes, LUNCH TIME! Well, the product today is a lunch box, hang in there, it’s not just any lunch box, it is the Silicone Collapsible Lunch Box. YES!
Moms do not need to worry about the food spilling out of the box, and spoiling all the books, and all the people at work, do not fear your salad dressing might stain your documents! This box is unbreakable, and made of non toxic silicone, it is microwave safe and absolutely leak proof!
Now you can enjoy your meal, with no loss of nutrients! Easily fits into your overly packed school bag or work bag! The product is a dream for all those who like their home cooked meal. So guys, don’t wait up to get this one, we’re selling out quick grab your box right here
As we move on to our next product let us just soak this in, that this product is one of a kind and simply stunning to just look at. This read is definitely a shout out for all those who love super unique products. Have you ever just wanted gorgeous cutlery to match your cups and saucers, or your mugs (all the caffeine addicts, this one is for you) but, did not buy because the price was too high? Well, it’s time we fulfill a part of your desire, the Bent Coffee Spoon does exactly that! It is super appealing aesthetically and the perfect addition to your cup of goodness! The spoon is designed super stylishly, with a comfortable‘s bend’ by the neck which allows it to sit at the rim of the cup or mug and also avoids staining! Made of high quality stainless steel, it is super elegant to look at in beautiful silver and gold hues!
Do not spend big bucks on fancy crockery! Get the super unique bent coffee spoon in alternate shades of the same shades, depending on your desire.
Let’s move on to our third and last product of the day! This one is for all you beer lovers out there. Beer is definitely a drink to be enjoyed chilled, if not it just tastes all wrong! But leaving anything cold out for a while turns it warm that is but natural. So how do we maintain the temperature of our favorite beer under the hot sun? Well, we’ve a solution for you, let’s get straight to it! The Stainless Steel Beer Chilling Stick is the magical solution to warm beer! The stick helps you keep your beer super chill for longer than usual, without compromising or diluting the taste of the drink.
How do we use it? Super simple, put the sticks in the freezer for a couple of hours before a party, or before opening the bottle of beer. Once you’re ready with your beer just pop the stick into the beer give it a whirl and bam, your beer is super chill and ready to be sipped on!
So guys, before hitting the weekend make sure you grab this product to keep your beers chilly! Where? Right here
Shoppers! These products are limited and have been selling out like crazy, so if you haven’t added them to your cart then we suggest you to do so RIGHT AWAY! Happy Shopping!
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