Greetings shoppers, welcome back to our reads! Today’s a mini read day, and we’re addressing a super important topic! HAIR GELS!
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Yes, this read is not just for men but for women too. Hair mousse/gels are pretty popular and are used often now days to achieve a desired voluminous look! But, are they healthy? Let’s dive straight into the top 3 fails of hair gels!
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Precise, prim and structured hair has become a supremely important part of one’s daily routine. It is definitely a heavy weight of the everyday look, hair, clothes, shoes, accessories all need to be on point and need to last through the day. Hair gels have been cashing in the very requirement – maintaining perfect hair through the day!  
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Hair happens to be one of the most vital elements that constitute an individual’s look and personality while also being the least manageable aspect of the same. The arduous task of rightly styling the tresses and keeping them in place is taken care of by hair gels. Hair gels are hair styling products that are used for stiffening and managing the hair into various hairstyles. Natural hair gels have been used by man since the ancient Egyptian and Greco Roman times; as proven by historical studies.
DID YOU KNOW? Hair gel as we know it today was invented in the 1960’s by Luis Montoya of the United States and sold under the brand name DEP!
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Well, let’s get to the top 3 fails caused by hair gels!
  • HAIR LOSS: YES! Hair Loss is the biggest fail caused due to hair gels. They contain alcohol that obviously causes harmful effects. They dehydrate the hair and scalp, thereby making the hair prone to breakage and fall. Over use of any product can cause harm and isn’t good, so we’ve heard. Similarly, over use of hair gels can lead to prolonged hair fall which directly leads to further problems like receding hair line, baldness etc.
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  • DANDRUFF: It is usually the start to many hair issues. A dehydrated, undernourished and infected scalp is characterized by irritation, itchiness and flakiness of the scalp leading to dandruff. It causes more hairfall, itchiness and also can lead to acne! How? Well, inflammation in the scalp can further lead to other skin diseases like acne.
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  • DISCOLOURATION + DAMAGE: Unknown to many hair gels lead to severe damage, and also changes the hair colour. These gels rip off the nourishment and moisture content of the hair, break and strip them, disturb the pH balance of the hair and make them unhealthy, scarce and dull. Harmful chemicals in these gels also have ill effects on color treated hair like fading and discoloration, prolonged usage of this gel also results in early graying, damage like thinning, split ends etc.
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Phew, that’s super difficult to take in. We get it. But these are the top the severe issues caused due to hair gels. We’d recommend you to minimize your usage, if not quit! These products are the ones that provide temporary satisfaction and cause gigantic damage in the long run!
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We also hope this read has helped you understand the ugly truth behind the voluptuous face of hair gels! Cheers!

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