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Today’s read is all about the love for sweets, and the dismay of not able to savour them. YES. This read is dedicated to all those fighting Diabetes.
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If you’ve a family member, suffering from Diabetes we can understand, it is not a happy sight!
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But, the good news about this is that, it can be brought under control with a proper diet that includes green leafy vegetables, meats like chicken, seafood like salon, lentils, and JAGGERY! YES. You read right.
For all those still trying to wrap their head around the fact, allow us to break it down for y’all for better understanding!
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So what exactly is Diabetes? This is for all those who are trying to understand it, in order to help someone, facing it, or just researching.
In simple terms, diabetes is a disease where your blood sugar (or blood glucose) levels are abnormally high for a prolonged period. The cells of your body need glucose for energy, and you obtain glucose from the foods you eat. Diabetes, if not diagnosed and treated in time, can cause severe issues to the eyes, nerves, and the kidneys. Now let’s jump directly into the questions, is jaggery safe for a person facing diabetes?
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It has been said (and believed) that replacing sugar with jaggery during diabetes offers relief. Frankly speaking, this relief is very minor. And more importantly, sugar is sugar, isn’t it?
Jaggery indeed is more nutritious than sugar. It contains calcium, iron, and other vital minerals. In that aspect, it does not affect the body as much as sugar does. Jaggery also carries a peculiar smell and hence discourages the individual from eating it liberally. This is not the case with sugar.
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The problem arises with sucrose, which jaggery contains. Jaggery is absorbed slowly in the body, but hey, it is absorbed. It does spike the sugar levels. Your body would contain almost the same amount of sugar as it would have when you had consumed white sugar. The only difference being jaggery takes a little longer to cause the spike.
If you don’t have diabetes, jaggery would be an excellent substitute for sugar. But if you have diabetes, you must avoid jaggery as much as you avoid sugar and other related products.
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It is also a simple carbohydrate. Except for the beneficial ingredients, the other ingredients it contains are the same as that of sugar. Hence, jaggery is not good for diabetes as it can elevate blood sugar levels.
But from a nutritional point of view, jaggery is always better than sugar, if you aren’t DIABETIC.
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So, guys! Everyone going through diabetes, stay strong, eat proper, work out, and stick to a regime, there’s NO permanent cure to this, so ensure you work on yourself. STRESS LESS. Stress can spike up your sugar levels! So stay calm and chill, get yourself checked regularly.
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We hope this read has helped you understand diabetes a little better, and also cracked the myth of jaggery being a good substitute. NO. JAGGERY IS NOT GOOD FOR DIABETICS. STAY AWAY.
Stay healthy! Cheers!

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