Quirk Up Your Life!
Hello Shoppers!
Have you ever felt the 'life’s getting dead and monotonous' vibes, and a strong need to jazz it up all of a sudden?
Yea it happens with all of us and its super common!
So we’re here today with a few products to jazz and quirk up your life! These products have a lot of functionality aspect, but also are aesthetically pleasing! If your heart is racing to scroll down to read, we suggest you to slow down and go line by line! So you understand the product before your purchase!
Let’s get straight into our newest crazy the Hands Free Mobile Neck Holder!
Yes, you’re right you do NOT need to hold on to your phone while watching a super intense video, or while reading something interesting, because the Hands Free Mobile Neck Holder will do it for you!
This product is specially made as we’ve considered and understood the fact that people today cannot live without technology, especially their phones. The continuous use of phones leads to a lot of physical injuries, especially in the hands! This product helps you use your phone as it hangs around your neck and keeps your hands free.
All you've to do is fit your phone to the mobile stand and adjust it according to your viewing angles and you are ready to go. Isn’t it super cool?
The coming up product is super quirky! There’s no way, anyone could dislike this, especially all the bikers out there! The Pair Of LED Helmet Strip Lights are a dream for all those who do not want to spend extravagant amounts of fancy helmets.
These LED strips make any helmet look super cool, and stand out in the darkness of the night!  It can be used on your helmet as a light display, and is perfect while riding in the dark, foggy or snowy weather conditions.
The LED strip can be attached to the motorcycle helmet for warning effect which is very useful in unfavorable weather conditions. It consists of three shift modes: blinking, steady, warning so that the rider can adjust the light according to his comfort.
It is one of the coolest products, sold out, and restocked many a times! Grab yours before the next sell out right here https://trendia.in/collections/travel-accessories-online/products/pair-of-led-bike-helmet-strip-light
The last on our list is a cute, quirky product suitable for all! It is super unique, and also perfect for gifting purposes. Don't we all have the colossal list of things that we hope to do at least once in a lifetime and to check them off our bucket list even more special! We've come up with this cute loving gift box, perfect cute and available in two stunning colors!
The 100 Bucket List Gift Box Set is a beautifully crafted box comprising of 100 Bucket List Notebook, multi-colored pen, bookmark, paper ruler and masking tapes! The powder blue box and charcoal grey are the two colors available, and play along with the minimalistic theme of the packaging, giving it a super cute appearance perfect for gifting!
With our Bucket list box, write all of those wishes in a single place where each page, with its creative construction and colors, will motivate you to further dream and wish bigger! 
Where and how to get it? Yea right here https://trendia.in/collections/travel-accessories-online/products/100-bucket-list-gift-box-set with a super simple click!
Phew! Shoppers, we hope you’ve added these quirk stuff to your cart, if not, do it asap! Happy Shopping!

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