SLEEPY MOMMA! Sleep Snug During Your Pregnancy.

SLEEPY MOMMA! Sleep Snug During Your Pregnancy.
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Have you ever looked at your mum and felt โ€œOMG, She deserves the world!โ€ Well, the love for a mother can never be defined or confined in a few words, itโ€™s a surreal feeling of the purest form. Being a mother is one of the best feelings ever, so weโ€™ve heard. Effort, pain, compromise, and unconditional love is what constitutes a mum!
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Todayโ€™s read is for all those expecting a baby, all those wonderful woman transitioning into the best phase of their life! We at believe in providing ultimate comfort to every expecting mother and bring to you a supremely made, amazing product, worth shelling out every penny for!
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Yes, it is the โ€œSleepy Mommaโ€ Pregnancy Side Sleeping Pillow. Probably one of the very best products in our inventory!
We completely understand the fact that there are numerous difficulties and restrictions during pregnancies like difficulty in walking (yes, you waddle like a penguin), struggles to get your sleeping position right without squishing your little one, constant cravings, mental breakdowns, nausea etc.
BUT, one that tops all these is that youโ€™re simply unable to sleep sideways! Research states that over 65% of people sleep on their side (left or right) and is definitely the most comfortable way of achieving the calm, peaceful sleep! Hence, it is obvious that pregnancy makes sleeping on the side super difficult, and if youโ€™re among those 65% and are expecting a baby minus restful nightโ€™s sleep, then this pillow is all youโ€™ll need! It is a โ€œUโ€ shaped pillow and provides ultimate comfort as you sleep snug in it. The pillow is stuffed with a safe inner filling, ensuring it is eco friendly and healthy for the mother and the baby! Gone are the times of the tensed nights, it also provides extra cushioning on both sides, preventing any kind of weight on the baby. ย 
Supremely soft, supremely comfortable! Being a mom has never been so comfy! Get yours today right here in beautiful colours! Sleep snug with your little one.
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