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With everyone gearing up as hot chocolate season arrives, we gear up to serve you some new tips, hacks, information! Holiday seasons are all about going overboard, extra cheese, double dipped chocolate, s’mores with delicious double marshmallows etc!
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Today’s read is a quick one for all those, desperately thinking how to play around their eye makeup without looking like a clown or overly dramatic! 
Yes! The terrible eyeliner struggles. There’s always a segment of women who want to do something outside the box, go a li’l HAM on the regular cat eyed look but, not to an extent of experimenting with supremely crazy eye looks!
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Liquid eyeliner can be one of the hardest things in makeup to master, and yet it's a product that can create so many varied looks. A slick of dark, inky black liner on the lid can result in maximum impact, and take any makeup look from zero to 100 in a matter of minutes. 
We’re going to bring to you THREE new ways of doing your eyeliner! Yes, let’s dive straight into this! BUT, before we go any further, it's crucial to invest in the very best tools in order to perfect these ideas. And by tools, we mostly mean -  an incredible eyeliner that will never let you down! So ensure you’ve the best one for yourself, if not, do get some from Mac, Dior or amazingly affordable ones from Sephora!
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So, the first one is the EXAGGERATED CAT- EYE! Yess! This amazing eye look is a supreme 2.0 version of the regular cat-eye and gives you an crazy structured, yet bitch-y vibe (Eyes to kill, hell yeah!) The cat eye takes a pared-down winged liner and exaggerates the thickness and length of the flick. A super dark, pigmented liner is essential here, as are some cotton buds to neaten things up at the end.
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Moving on to number two, is the DOUBLE PRONGED EYE! This definitely gives your eyelashes some extra volume and yes if one perfect cat eye is perfect to give some killer vibes, imagine what two would do? The Double Pronged Eye takes the power of the winged liner and multiplies it by two. The easiest way to achieve this one is to draw on your winged liner as normal, and simply add a floating line beneath, in line with your lower lash line. Easy peasy!
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The last one is by far one of our major favs! The GRAPHIC EYE! It’s perfect for all those trying to get out of their comfort zone but not too much. Carries out a super bold vibe too! Graphic eyeliner can take many different forms, and there really is no wrong or right. What can really come in handy here is eye liner stamps and can help you fake your way to a cool graphic eye!
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Sound off below in the comments section, which look you’d be sporting this chilly season! We’d love to hear more from all you special readers! We hope this read has helped you learn something and inspired you to try something new!
Till then, happy reading! Cheers!

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